jeudi, mars 01, 2007

yum yum

Last night Miss A-C and Mr CJ came over for dinner, laughs and dessert. The plan was to stuff our faces while mocking the poor people trying their luck on the Nouvelle Star. Mr CJ made a fantastic pad thai and we all howled with laughter during some of the horrible attempts, as well as some of the impressive ones.

Then we whipped out the chocolate goodness that was dessert, Miss A-C's gooey brownies and my chocolate-chocolate-craisin cookies. It was heaven.

It was also wonderful to kick back and have laugh. Between the bad appt situation and losing my cell phone the stress level has been through the roof... but I hope things are looking up. We've given notice at this appt and wanted to move into a T2 (2room appt) at the CROUS (student residence) but the only thing they had avalible for now is a T1bis, which is an appt for two people but only 1 big room... so we'll have to make do for now, it would be nice not to kill eachother... But hey at least we're getting out of here and in a place where we can sleep!!! I also got a new sim card for my phone with the same number, which I was able to put into my old phone. I lost my new pretty phone but at least I've got the same number and am contactable once again!

2 commentaires:

Katia a dit…

I am a TOTAL ADDICT of nouvelle star. I have been since season 1. It's very exciting that it's back on again - we were glued to the telly too ;)

I think the best solution is definitely to get out of the place you're in, even if the new place is not perfect - sleep is a valuable commodity!

Sara a dit…

sleep is super important! we had a horribly loud apartment in geneva for a few months (a combo of the fire station just on the street, the heating which made loud banging noises starting at 5 am, and the bar that stayed open until 3 am with music.) I am a good sleeper but my husband is not, we were ready to kill each other by the time we moved out of there
even if the space is small you will be so much happier in the quiet 1 bedroom!!