mardi, mars 20, 2007

the sky is falling!

Last night there was a huge storm in Caen. We were hanging out after dinner and kept seeing these flashing lights and though are the police around? Is someone having a strobe party? Then I started hearing the boom of thunder... but the weird thing was there was no rain! It was quiet with just the occasional flash and then boom. We started commenting on how unusual that was when I said it won't last long this way, boy was I right! About 2 minutes later - whoosh!!! It started pelting down huge chunks of hail! Looking out our dining room window we saw this scene, cars covered with bigger-than-pea-sized hail chunks. Then the thunder got closer until it was so loud that the windows we were looking out of started vibrating and the doors rattled! Then about two seconds later we heard a car alarm go off, I can only assume that a window shattered and started the alarm! Thats how nuts it was.

Then all of a sudden it was finished and the storm moved on, but talk about bizarre!

I went into work today to give my Med students a final exam and there were only 2 there when arrived (out of 30) and said that the periph was at a standstill because most of the traffic lights in town still weren't working so everything was bottlenecking. So we waited for about 15 minutes for all the students to arrive and the exam to begin.

2 commentaires:

cornishfrog a dit…

Thats so odd. I had the same thing last night. I thought there had been an accident first of all! But instead of hail, I had snow. weirdness.

Jube a dit…

Can't beat good old Texas hail:

Even hail is bigger in Texas!