samedi, mars 03, 2007


I enjoyed a beautiful morning of sleeping until 8:30 since the bakery is closed on Saturdays... I didn't lounge around too long in my pjs though because our drain got stopped up yesterday and there was a huge pile of dirty dishes waiting to be washed.
Since the drain-o needs to sit for a while I threw on some clothes and stopped by Monoprix to pick some up. On the way there I got a bit sidetracked by a sale sign in a shoe store window. They had tons of boots on sale and since I've been looking for some black leather boots for about a year and a half now I decided to stick my nose in and take a peek.
I caught the sight of some nice black Kickers (in my size!!! a monsterous 41), a bit clunky but not too much, solid and flat :-) I have never gotten used to wearing heels and the 'three-musketeer boots' which are in style don't do it for me at all. But these, oh they were so nice and comfortable that after a few minutes I decided to take them! Plus kickers are so sturdy and last forever, and at 50% off I couldn't resist...
So the moral of the story, you never know what you'll buy when you leave the house on a Saturday morning for some drain-o :-)

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Samantha a dit…

Pictures!! We demand pictures!

Wanderlusting a dit…


I just had to come visit since I found out we both share the same first name and a love of France. What are the odds? ;P