mercredi, mars 14, 2007

i'm your dartyman, that's what i am, i'm here to do whatever i can...

The big news around here is that Mystery Guest has found a part-time job!! (He's still a student and as a French student its not easy finding a part-time job.)

So as there was some discussion as to whether or not Mystery Guest is still a "guest" as we've moved in together, to end the debate he will henceforth be known to readers of this blog as:


Yup, he found a job at Darty that he is very busy with but likes a lot. No work details of his job or mine on this blog but he said I could post this picture as I had a blast trying on his Darty shirt, what do you think? Is red my color?

I think the best part of this is that the first time we went to Darty while looking for a washing machine I pronounced the store à l'américaine and he understood me as "Let's go to dirty" so now I make the effort to at least pronounce the 't' :-)

2 commentaires:

cara a dit…

so i gather Darty is something like a home appliance store? i've never seen them down here in Corse.
congrats on the job, Dartyman!

Mystery Guest aka Dartyman (apparently !?:) a dit…

Thank you :)
It is some kind of appliance store, but with a very distinctive yellow and blue Kangoo :)