jeudi, mars 22, 2007


Last night a bunch of us got together for some taco salad (!!!) at my house and then walked down to the concert hall Friends style. (there were 5 of us, Joey was MIA we decided... and apparently I'm Phoebe! humm...)

We were off to see Tété! I just adore that guy, he's so funny and has such great music. By the time he finished (there were 3 different performers) I was just knackered having only slept 4 hours the night before so Dartyman and I took off. Plus I enjoyed Tété so much I just wanted to end on that note, I would have bought the ticket only to see him, it was so worth it!!

In other news we found out that we can get the keys to the new appt Wednesday so we'll be moving Thursday! Anyone wanna carry boxes?? :-)

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welovetea a dit…

I'll help you carry boxes...if you'll buy me a plane ticket to France...


I miss you!