vendredi, mars 16, 2007

oui oui OUI!!!!!

So Dartyman and I had been talking about getting a Wii ever since we came back from the States where we played with my sister and her boyfriend. It is so much fun no matter how stupid it looks when you're just an onlooker :-)

But they are few and far between, hard to come by even on the internet where people are selling them for a fortune so we figured wait a bit to have more money and for them to be in stock. However today when doing a little window-licking at the FNAC and there were 3 just sitting there! So we looked at eachother and said "Oui?" and grabbed one as well as a Wiimote.

It is such a blast to play, we played tennis, baseball and bowling tonight and man my arm is sore! Because the speed at which you swing the wiimote translates into how hard your little dude swings the racket or bat you get really into it quickly! Wii fun! Plus you do some really lame plays on words with the Wii...

It is too bad that we ended up buying it today instead of yesterday because yesterday we had some friends over for a Housewarming and Unhousewarming Raclette party. It was such a blast though, tons of raclette and then banana/chocolate/ice cream crepes made on the same machine, of course with a little Apples to Apples after... too bad I forgot to take pictures!

5 commentaires:

Katia a dit…

Oh my gosh I'm so jealous - we've been wanting one too and it is impossible to get our mitts on one here :(
It sounds like you're going to have a good Wii-keend! hehehe.

Emily a dit…

It sounds like Wii is the new exercise machine?!

I love "Apples to Apples"!! Did you schlep that from the US or buy a French version?

Karina a dit…

It kind of is! I mean in studies where they compare people who play hardcore video games all day (not me!) and then take the same people and have them play the Wii they do lose weight but i'm not sure how much the average person would... although the baseball made my arm sore!!
Apples to Apples is the US version, some friends of mine who lived here a few years ago left me their game. It dosn't exist in France (that i've seen - stores or online) although apparently you can order a French version from Canada.

welovetea a dit…

LOL I so want to see you doing that...You should make a YouTube video of it for me.

Shannon a dit…

ahhhhhh, i want to come play Wii and apples to apples, and then watch a couple seasons of ally macbeal during the hail storm...please? : (