vendredi, mars 09, 2007

i'm around

There hasn't been much blogging around here... Not that things aren't busy, there's tons of stuff to do but running on low sleep doesn't give me the energy to be the usual chipper multi-tasker that you all know and love so much ;-)

Spring is very much in the air around here and I love it. Not that Winter made much of an appearance this year! But the days are getting longer, coats are getting lighter and people generally seem to be in a better mood. The weather is however, really sporadic! I left my house this morning to stop by the Friday market for some yummy salmon and fruit, when I left it was grey but no sign of rain (the seasoned Norman that I am did bring along an umbrella just in case though hehehe). On the way home the sky opened up and within 2 minutes there was a torrential downpour! I kid you not rivers running down street! and even with the umbrella I was soaked walking the few blocks home! So I changed and made my way to work at 12:00. Since then there has been non-stop sunshine and not a cloud in the sky... crazyness.

That does lead me to one of the things I do like about this appartment, the light. My old place was groundfloor and had zero direct light, but when I have my mornings free and the sun floods the kitchen here I almost give into my desire to curl up for a catnap in that square of sunshine. That is how I'm trying to find the glass half-full this month, finding the good things to enjoy until the end of March, starting with light light light! :-)

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