lundi, avril 02, 2007

i'm baaaack!

Well after many frusterating hours of trying to mooch off of protected wifis until we can get our own internet up and running I randomly got a connection! Its very weak and doesn't let me do many things at once but I do feel connected with the world once again :-) A happy camper I am.

So news from here, I'm all settled in to the new appt and I dig it! It is soooo peaceful and quiet, I can study, sleep and watch movies in peace. I'm slowly but surely catching up on my sleep, after 6 weeks of deprivation it will take a while but I'm feeling much much better! Plus the weather has turned beautiful again and it is 8:15pm and the sun is just now setting, I love this time of year!

Dartyman left for the weekend but will be back tomorrow, can't wait to show him the new pad all organized :-) Although my have to fight him for bath rights... I've gotten used to my little soak before bed ;-) and little is exactly it! I swear this tub was built for a midget (dwarf, vertically challenged person if you will...) and it has some sort of funky seat built in so its hard to get your whole body underwater unless you want to jam your backbone into the faucet...! But boy is it great to crawl into bed after semi-falling asleep in the tub - yes folks, life is good.

But have some work to do so I'm off, but not far! Connected to the world wide web once again, praise the gods! :-)

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Pam a dit…

Welcome Baaaack to the www!!!