lundi, avril 09, 2007

weekend getaway

This weekend Mr. Mystery Guest (yes decided I like that nickname better!) and I ran away to Brittany for a long weekend. We had gone last February where we practically froze to death so this time we shot for the long Easter weekend. We were so lucky with the weather!! It was beautiful the entire weekend, not a cloud in the sky and between 15-20C the three days, amazing!

First stop was lunch, we went to a creperie that we had been to last time, by accident but managed to find it again. If anyone heads to the region of Paimpont, stop by Plelan-le-Grand and look for Bodo's Creperie - yum! We had to pray to the crepe gods for those, yum!

Afterwards we went back to Merlin's forest, we had explored last year but loved it so much it deserved a stop this year too. Ended up taking long walks up in the hills and admiring the views all afternoon. Then we headed towards Lorient were we managed to find a hotel room (not booking on the Saturday of a long weekend isn't easy!) and ate some more of some of the best crepes I've ever had (Creperie Saint-Nicolas in Lorient...)
The next morning we got up extra early to beat the crowds at Carnac, the French equivilant (or better) of Stonehenge. It was so impressive, miles and miles of stones all over the countryside. Some smallish and some weighing several tons, including burial mounds that are over 6,000 years old!!
Then we headed off to Auray for lunch, a cute little port town that Ben Franklin once sailed into.

After lunch we headed down the penninsula to the presqu'ile de Quiberon which is very rugged and unspoiled on the west side and crazy-touristy on the east. After laying in the sun wishing we had brought some towels or beach blankets I decided to put my little footsies in the water for a test, cold but oh-so-refreshing!
Then the next stop was Vannes where after finally finding a parking spot we decided it was a very cute town, especially with the sun out and tons of tulips all over. We took a walk around and then decided to grab (yes, surprise surprise) a crepe for a quick snack.
Before leaving Caen I contacted another blogger to see if she'd be interested in meeting up, being the wonderful Minnasotan that she is, she even offered to let us crash at her place Sunday night. We had a blast making dinner (bbq pizza - yum!!) and sitting around gabbing. Fun to finally meet someone face to face that you feel as though you already 'know' through their blog! Thanks again and come to Caen sometime Sam!
Monday morning we took off and following Sam's excellent advice we stopped off in Fougeres, just after Rennes. It was an amazing town, perfectly preserved castle and old town not a soul in sight! It was a nice change after all the crowds in the other towns. We walked around the ramparts and then headed for home.

It was a great 3-day weekend! It was so fun exploring a new region and with the weather and excellent company I had a fantastic time! Now its back to work tomorrow... makes me sad to be stuck inside all day with the weather so wonderful outside, but this escape was just what the doctor ordered :-)

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welovetea a dit…

Hi there!! The more I read your blog the more I really want to visit France! LOL One of these days, one of these days...

By the way, you look beautiful!