dimanche, avril 22, 2007


It's been a busy and exciting weekend. Came out to la Manche yesterday afternoon and took a lovely drive around enjoying the unbelievable weather before treating ourselves to a sushi dinner (thanx Darty for the tickets restaurant!)

Today it is still beautiful weather, not a cloud in the sky. Before lunch I got to go with the fam to vote :-) As I've lived outside of my own state since I turned 18 I've never actually voted in person, always by absentee ballot so I was curious to see how it was done, esp in France! So we toodled down to the local mairie (pop. 859) to cast the votes. You take the piece of paper (or several if you want) and an envelope into the little booth and then choose one paper with the canidate's name on it and put it in the envelope. Then you hand your voter card to the guy and he reads out a number, someone else checks the number against the registration list and says "ok Mr. Mystery Guest can vote" and then you drop it in the box. Then they say "a voté" and you go and sign your name on the registrar and thats it!

Because its such a small community we hardly had to wait at all and apparently according to the TV people are turning out in record numbers to vote. Can't wait to hear what's going to happen!!!

This afternoon we went out on the boat for a little tour, it was beautiful and not too cold with a windbreaker, photos to come ;-)

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