lundi, avril 30, 2007

tickets... check!

Well I broke down and bought them... the plane tickets I'd been eyeing for the last month to go home in September for my annual visit.

I was waiting on job confirmation for next year, yup its all set I've got my job again next year!! Yippee! But in the meantime prices jumped in ticketland :-(

The upside is I got my first-ever direct flight from Paris to Seattle! Yipppeee! Try 10 hours of movie watchin' instead of 16 hours of flights and connections in random airports! So folks, for those of you back home, mark your calendars because I'll be in the Pacific NW from Sep 16th-28th and then a long weekend visiting my grandparents in SoCal before flying back here Oct 2nd. Whooooo-hooo!!!

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Samantha a dit…

Woohoo, congratulations!! (on both the tickets and the job renewal *S*)