jeudi, avril 19, 2007

new pad, take 2

Ok so here are some pictures of the new apt! When you first walk in the door this is what you see, the kitchen table on your right, windows in front and stairs on your left.

Then if you were to turn around the kitchen table is now behind you and you can see the little cooking corner, 2 burners, fridge and oven (the microwave is hidden under those green stairs there).

If you walk up the stairs this is the view looking back down.

When you first walk up the stairs you have the desks on the left (as you can see here) and the click-clack couch along the wall.

Through the hallway is the bathroom on the right with a mini-tub and then the bedroom.

And thats the grand tour! Can't you hear the silence? :-) Me like-y!

4 commentaires:

cara a dit…

yay for click-clack couches!

Emily a dit…

the silence is ringing through the internet!

Oh and yay for highlights!!

Emily a dit…

It looks very cute. :)

benny a dit…

It looks very nice... I hope you will still leaving there whenever i'll come back in july !!!