mercredi, avril 18, 2007

sunshine makes me happy

After a cold foggy day yesterday the sun made an apperance again today :-)

I'm at work now on my hot new computer that they put in my office, yippee!! And good timing too because the free internet we were mooching wasn't working at all this morning :-( Hopefully it will be working again soon, otherwise withdrawl symptoms will start soon! But in the meantime the connection is amazingly fast at work so I'm taking advantage of it to catch up on emails and blogs... hehehe

To go along with the summery weather I got my hair cut and highlighted today, it always throws me because I only get the highlights redone twice a year and when I leave it startles me and I get the impression that I've gone blond blond but then I end up getting used to it and all is good :-)

Now time to get back to real work and stop putzing around on the computer! :-)

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