dimanche, janvier 21, 2007

treasure hunting!

This weekend like I said Mystery Guest, his brother and I went treasure hunting with his GPS. Its really fun because you have just random people hiding boxes (usually tupperware) in random locations just leaving a log book and the GPS coordinates, then its up to you to find it! The first one we tried to find was just 8km away but it took us 3 tries because it wasn't exactly where it was supposed to be, but here are the happy boys with their treasure :-)
Then we took off near La Hague (the western tip of Normandy) where there was supposed to be another one. We never did find it but the weather was unbeliveable, we really lucked out. If it hadn't been for the wind I never would have guessed it was January!

Here's a picture of me in the wind in my bad-ass hat!

2 commentaires:

benny a dit…

Hey, this treasure hunting stuff seems really fun !!! What was in the box ? How do you get the coordinates of the treasures???

Mr. Mystery Guest a dit…

it's called geo-caching, you get the coordonates if you register on the french website. It's really, it's mostly logging your name in the log book and maybe exchange objects to put into your own cache.
It's a very good concept :)