mercredi, janvier 24, 2007


Momma Mia!
I just tried out a recipe I had seen a few weeks ago and Yum YUM!
I made it all basically as said in the recipe, including the dough (which was fun, I haven't baked much with yeast). I didn't put in any of the sausage just because I wanted to keep it all veggies and that was still good with lots of flavor. I think the only thing missing was that I didn't use enough mozzarella (I bought French mozz in balls and just sliced it up but didn't follow the recipe calling for a total of 1 1/4 cups) but it was still gooooood!
The recipe makes a lot, 4 big calzones so I had one for lunch and I'm sure will grab another for dinner tonight :-)
Was feeling so Suzy Homemaker with the dough rising and snow falling outside ;-)

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Mr. Mystery Guest a dit…

I tried it and it's guuuuud !