vendredi, janvier 26, 2007


When I went stateside for Christmas I brought back lots of Starbucks coffee... Yum Yum. I even picked up a Pikes Place Blend which has the original Starbucks logo (yes, heaven forbid you can see the mermaid's nipples!)

My old coffee grinder back here in France died a year or so ago and I just couldn't break down and spend over 30E on a coffee grinder, so I'd just take my whole beans to Nat's house and mooch hers.

But great timing came! Mystery Guest's brother gave me a brand new coffee grinder for Christmas! I had already bought some pre-ground coffee (I know, shame shame) and I didn't want to lose all that wonderful Starbucks freshness just to try out my grinder while I still opened coffee... So I waited, and then today, oh no! No more pre-ground Carrefour coffee! What's a girl to do? Well... whip out the bad boy!

Hehe, no no not gettin' dirty here, just proud of the beautiful sleek black coffee grinder which now sits happily dirty with the grounds of Starbucks coffee.

That was a good cup of joe. :-)

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