samedi, janvier 20, 2007


Well it looks (fingers crossed!) like Mystery Guest has fixed my computer and more! Turns out one of the thingys of RAM (memory) died and so I bought 2 new ones, actually adding RAM. The installation seems to be going ok so not only will my computer work again but it will be faster! How cool is that??

In other news there has been huge storms out in Normandy and around Europe, we're on the beach this weekend and the gusts of wind must be gale-force at least! Luckly there have been a few breaks with some sunshine so we were able to go out geocaching, pictures to come!

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welovetea a dit…

Wow! I'm glad to hear that your computer didn't die! :S I haven't gotten to talk with you at ALL recently. :( I'm just never on the computer because I'm home "on the farm". LOL We have internet but never turn the computers on because we're never home...LOL