lundi, janvier 15, 2007

first frost

Well thanks to global warming we've had an unbelievably mild winter here in Normandy, especially compared with the insane weather the Pacific Northwest is having. Normally we have the same climate but over there they've already had 2 snowstorms where things have been totally snowed in and a big windstorm which knocked out the power whereas we've had nothing but grey skies.

Where as this morning on my way to work I saw our first frost... yes folks that'd be January 15th! It was beautiful though walking to work this morning, the sun was just coming up and shining on the frost covered grass in front of our chateau. Yes that was briiiight and early this morning. I realized I must have been really out of it this morning when I saw that I had put my underwear on inside-out... Maybe that's a bit too much info for you but it sure made me giggle :-)

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