mercredi, janvier 31, 2007


Ok first and foremost, how are you supposed to pronounce this? I've heard conflicting pronuciations, is the "a" that of babel like "navel" or babel like "paddle"?
I went to go see a showing at the university tonight at the last minute because I had missed it in theaters and really wanted to see it.
It reminded me of Love Actually. You know how in Love Actually all these little well written stories are entertwined and end up coming together leaving you with a warm gooey feeling inside? Well Babel stories are also very well written and perfectly entertwined stories, however you leave with the feeling like slitting your throat might just be a good 'ol time comparetively.
It is one of those kinds of movies where you think, how could it get any worse? Oh... nevermind there it just did...
There were some very powerful moments and a few surprises (the best one being an unknown-to-me apperance of my favorite Mexican actor!) and overall it is very, almost poetic movie.

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Emily a dit…

I loved this movie. I thought the idea of it all was quite original though it is similar to "Love Actually" (another fav or mine). I also loved that Brad Pitt was NOT the "star" of the movie and only in it for like 30 minutes.

welovetea a dit…

Ooh, I really did want to see this one. The impression I got from reviews was, yeah, depressing but poetic. (I'm pretty sure the pronunciation of the "a" is like in "actually"...At least, my Hebrew professor pronounced it that way and it IS originally a Hebrew word!)

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