jeudi, janvier 11, 2007

culinary experiences

Today was just a wide variety of tastebud madness! Started off all innocent with cereal and coffee just like any other day... But then things got wild and crazy when I got the fève in my part of the galette des rois this afternoon when Mystery Guest's family came for a belated Xmas celebration.

Then came even wilder times when everyone was invited around to Lawrence's house for dinner. He brought back a haggis - especially for us to try! Lucky us!!

No but it really wasn't that bad, usually when you eat something ... er... unidentifiable (ie random animal parts) the texture throws you and it doesn't sit well. But the haggis isn't bad, the texture is more that of a rice pilaf or something and is quite flavorful. That said I think that 1 haggis in a lifetime is enough for this American :-)

1 commentaire:

kim a dit…

Ack, I think the color would get to me. It looks similar to boudin. Maybe it's a sign that things of a deep brown color are not meant to be eaten.