lundi, avril 13, 2009

Easter Afternoon

This afternoon the weather was too good to pass up, we decided to take a drive. There was a new geocache in the area so we headed in that direction. It was near where General Patton had his secret headquarters during the D-Day invasion. A big Sherman tank sat right next to an apple orchard! Always a fun toy to take pictures on! ;-)

Then we drove in the direction of the Moulin du Cotentin that we had gone to last summer with the dynamic duo. They were offering discounted tours of the windmill and the guide was great, such a character!

Anyway it was really nice, warm* (about 18C according to Clio!) and relaxing to drive around, geocache and play with my camera - I'm totally addicted!

*I have a hard time believing we're in for an icky rainstorm this week...

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