jeudi, avril 16, 2009

productive train time

These 2 weeks have been really busy because I'm teaching a stage in Caen everyday so I take the train for an hour each way. That does not bother me at all, I listen to podcasts and relax but I decided as a project for these two weeks to see how much work I could get done on a pair of socks for me! (Mystery Guest got his, I want mine!) I started Monday morning last week and have been knitting each way, it really keeps me awake and I feel much more productive with my time (instead of just trying to kill it!)

Here is an in progress shot of my sock! I adore this yarn, it is soft and so easy to work with. The colors very close to the real thing in this picture:
Then tonight I finished it! I still have to work tomorrow so I'll start sock #2 in the morning and then after work I jet off to the Loire Valley to see some chateaux (oh... and one of my best friends getting married, but really its for the chateaux ;-) ) for the weekend so even more train time! ;-)
I might try to blog from the road if I can snag a wifi connection, if not have a great weekend and see you next week!

2 commentaires:

Kim a dit…

Very very cool... I think I'm being inspired!

Anonyme a dit…

impressive! I love the colour too. I'm almost done with my first jumper! It's sleeveless, and charcoal in colour. It has taken me ages!! I'm going home next week (yay!) and my mum is promising to provide directions for the neck border to finish it off. I'm a wimp and don't want to wreck it now i'm so close to finishing! My next project, a shoulder bag... Enjoy your holiday!