jeudi, avril 30, 2009

almost there!!!

Today is the last day of my contract, looking forward to it actually. I have to teach 1 hour this morning and then the English colleagues are taking me and the Katester out for lunch! Then I have 1 hour of "English Club" at the end of the afternoon and then I'm outta there!

As soon as Mystery Guest gets off work we're hitting the road, driving out to Paris to spend the night with some friends. We're lucky to be able to leave the car there and they'll drop us off at the airport Friday morning for our direct flight home! Yes, direct! How lucky are we to have a non-stop flight!!! On the way back we go through Amsterdam but that isn't bad at all. Nothing like some of the horrible connections I used to have in the past...

Yea! It's been so long since I've been home and even longer since I was home in the spring - I can't wait! USA here we come!

PS. no we're not afraid of dying from the pig flu! ;-)

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Paulita a dit…

I can't imagine being that excited to return to the US, but maybe that's because I haven't stayed away long enough. Have fun!