jeudi, avril 23, 2009

busy busy!

Yesterday I had to go to Caen for a meeting and I finally was able to snap a shot of one of my favorite views from the train - the cathedral in Bayeux. It's hard to do because the train is moving and there are all the reflections (and I only had my iPhone camera) but imagine this view at sunrise with pinks and blues and the sun reflecting through the stained glass windows and a low haze in the field... yes, it is stunning!
I keep telling myself that one day I'll get up at the buttcrack of dawn to take the train to Bayeux, get off and walk to where I could take this picture and capture the moment... I'll be sure to let you know when that happens!

In other news things are a bit of a whirlwind around here, I've got tons of work to do before we leave town next Thursday to drive out to Paris before our flight Friday morning! Eeeeeegads!! I need to wrap up grading tests, some work I do for the language lab in Caen, practice for my written exam for the driver's license (I got a date! May 25th baby!) and of course finish planning our trip!!!
Right now we've got a few things sorted. We fly into Seattle May 1st and then spend a couple days there before flying down to Las Vegas where our road trip will begin (the Grand Canyon, seeing friends and family along the coastal drive back up to Seattle!). We've got the plane tickets booked, our first night (yea internet specials!!!) in this hotel:
*Squeaaaaaal of excitement here*

But we still need to finalize the car rental details. Neither Mystery Guest nor myself have ever rented a car in any country and the complicated insurance language is a bit over our heads. Plus since we're returning the car in a different location there is a hefty fee but isn't always clearly marked if it is included in the price or payable on return... ah, a little headache is coming on... But once we get that nailed down we'll be good to go!

Now just can't forget the essentials ... passport, camera, summer clothes! I heard there's a heat wave in Southern California - 100F! Duuuude! These delicate Norman blossoms are going to wilt in that heat! ;-)

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Jennie a dit…

I'm so jealous! I would love to take a road trip in the Southwest someday. I can't wait to see your pictures!!

Ksam a dit…

Can I squeeze in your suitcase??

And here's my tip - I've found US rentals to be a lot cheaper if you rent them from French sites (go-voyage, etc), plus they include a bunch of extra insurances in for free!

Milk Jam a dit…

i wish i could squeeze you both in my suitcase but alas i'm going carry-on ;-)

thanks sam, we found that things seemed to be a better deal from the french sites too and MG called a couple today at lunch so i'll find out when he gets home what the news on that front is. its just the pesky drop off fee in another state that we're worried about, want to make sure we know exactly how much it is and when (if) it is included! gulp! it can be over $500! just to drop it off!

parlez-vous-kiwi a dit…

Remember, what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas! :-)

Have a blast!

P.S. The castle is beautiful

Notre Vie Juteuse a dit…

I'm from Los Angeles (but live in france now) and yes they are having a heat wave...the only thing I miss about Los Angeles is the weather. Las Vegas (yuck!) hate it, but you'll love the grand canyon and if you can swing it go to Bryce and Zion in Utah (just outside of Nevada).

Watch out for the fine print from rental car companies...the insurance (we never get it) because our credit card companies will cover if there is a problem. Make sure you get unlimited miles and don't go for the "rental car can fill you up when you turn it in"'s a scam and there are gas stations everywhere. I have had our best luck with Alamo. Also Priceline is a good site for better deals (sometimes) and I agree with Ksam with the french sites.

Take loads of pictures and enjoy!

Anonyme a dit…