mercredi, septembre 05, 2007


The lovely Ace tagged me for my first meme ever!! Since I'm trying to procrastinate (and doing a great job at it I might add!) Here we go...

Quelle est votre date d'anniversaire?
October 27th. I'm a Scorpio :-) As a kid I used to love having Halloween parties as birthday parties, they're so much fun! Everyone dresses up just for you ;-) haha

Vivez vous en ville ou à la campagne?
I have lived all over in small towns and in big cities. Right now I'm living in downtown Caen which works out great right now because I don't have a car so I'm in the middle of things with easy access to public transport. I'd love to live in a small town or in the countryside later though.

Quels métiers exercez vous ou avez vous exercés?
I have had all different jobs ranging from working in a B&B in high school, to showing preppy US teens around Paris in the summer... Right now I'm an English TA at the university. All that status really means is that I do all the work of a prof but with a lower pay haha! No, its great, I love my job but its not a permanent position so I'll be looking for something new next year.

Avez vous des allergies?
I never did growing up but after a few years of living in the Willamette Valley in Oregon when I went to college I developed horrible allergies. Apparently it is one of the worst places in the States for allergies... yuck. I still get them in France but have gotten a bit more used to it (and a perscription! haha)

Quelle est votre odeur préférée?
I love the smells of freshly ground coffee, the basil plant sitting on the windowsill of the kitchen, flowers and candles.

Aimez vous les sucreries?
Ha! Of course, I have the biggest sweet tooth! I love chocolate and fresh fruit in the summer ... or both together!

Si oui, quelles sont vos préférées?
I love French pasteries, especially a warm pain au chocolat right out of the oven!

Quels sont vos goûts culinaires?
I like French food (think cheeeeese!) but I love Mexican, Thai and above all Japanese... ! YUM!

Quel genre de musique aimez vous?
I like just about everything. I connect to music more as part of a memory than the actual song itself. So that's why you'll find everything from Country to old French songs to Rap to the Beach Boys. But when I'm listening to my ipod on the bus I love Jack Johnson, Alanis Morisette to name a few.

Quelle est votre couleur préférée?
I love blues and purples but have started branching out for dark reds and oranges. It all depends.

Quelle est votre saison préférée?
The summer!!! As long as it's not above 35C and humid - YUCK if that's the case give me a chalet any day! Otherwise I love the summer and all the outdoor stuff you can do, kayaking, biking, swimming... too bad I missed summer here! gah...

Collectionnez vous un objet quelconque?
Not really. When I was in high school I used to have a charm bracelet from countries I visited. I try to keep a few coins when I go places where they use other money (ie not the Euro-zone, I don't collect Euro coins). I also try to pick up cool seashells from different beaches :-)

Quel magazine lisez vous?
I don't subscribe to any, but love National Geographic and the occasional girlie (Cosmo etc) magazine. I got a subscription to a cooking magazine which is great too.

Quel est votre style vestimentaire?
That really really depends. I like to be comfortable in what I'm wearing but not baggy. Lots of layers in the winter. I love shoes but hate when my feet hurt so I have bought a few pairs that I haven't broken in yet but want to!

Pratiquez vous une activité manuelle?
I grew up doing crafty things. I used to make jewelry and sell it in a local shop when I was in high school. At university took jewelry making/metalsmithing and I flirted with a Studio Art major but went for French instead. I love photography, knitting, sewing (alas no machine here..) and have taken up glass engraving.

Quel est votre animal préféré?
Dogs. I love dogs but am waiting to get one until I have a yard, its just too hard to see a dog stuck in an apartment.

Quels sont vos loisirs?
I like to swim, watch movies and do all the outdoor stuff I talked about in the earlier question.

Comment décorez vous votre intérieur?
Well there's no Ikea in Caen so its all Conforama baby! I like the space I live in to be very comfortable and relaxing. Can't wait to be able to decorate a real house :-) haha

Avez vous une liste de cadeaux en ligne?
Not really, I used to keep up an Amazon one, and will start to add to it again I think (in time for my Oct birthday wink wink).

Ok enough procrastinating! I'm going to tag: Benedicte, Sam, Natalie and Mystery Guest (just so he'll update his blog for the first time in a year... haha!)

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benny a dit…

You are aware that i only have internet at work, do you ? The response will take ages...

The Late Bloomer a dit…

Hey Karina, great to read your responses to the meme -- I'm sure you needed a break from all that work anyway! Have you left for the U.S. yet?