lundi, septembre 24, 2007

road trip

I'm on a little mini road trip right now. I left yesterday morning to drive down to Salem Oregon. The weather has finally changed a little and is beautifully sunny down here. The drive itself was amazing! I took mom's advice and drove down the Hood Canal. The non-evergreens (what's the real word?) were starting to change color and there was the Olympic National Forest with the pine trees hidden in the fog on my right and the sun reflecting on the water on my left.

It was breathtaking.

I wanted to stop and take pictures but there really was very little room on the side of the road. I saw more turn out spots on the left so hopefully the weather will stay nice tomorrow and I'll be able to get some pictures on my way home.

It's a long drive down here (I made it in 5 hours non stop) but with some CDs playing in the car it wasn't too boring. Now I'm hanging out, visiting the old 'haunts' and spending quality time with great friends. Tonight I'm supposed to go see my old boss and her baby boy and tomorrow my French advisor for lunch. I'll probably hit the road pretty soon after lunch just because I don't want to be too tired while driving those 5 hours in the other direction...

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Anonyme a dit…

So glad to hear you enjoyed the drive along the Hood Canal! It is spectacular, isn't it?? I've seen everything from herds of elk to shrimp boats to oyster beds. The trees (uh...deciduous) are most beautiful this time of year when their leaves turn color.

Have fun visiting with friends and see you tomorrow!


benny a dit…

I'm glad you're having a great time back home !!!
Enjoy !!!


Samantha a dit…

I've got a couple comments - I love how you can always tell who the Frenchie commentors are by the space they leave between the sentence & the exclamation point! ;-)

Two, it was strange to hear you call a 5hr drive a mini-roadtrip...but then I remembered that for the US, it was mini.

And three - that view was absolutely beautiful - I hope you get to take more pictures on the way back!

Anonyme a dit…

Looks amazing! Even better than the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

benny a dit…

Samantha : That's how they taught us to write in French ... ! !

welovetea a dit…

It was SO nice to have you here to visit!!! Jeani and I both agree we probably could have listened to your France stories for another week at least (okay, maybe longer...)

I need to visit you!! LOL Here's hoping I get to England this year so I can just hop over! Hah, not that I couldn't already hop over from the US...