lundi, septembre 17, 2007


Well I finally arrived, it was actually a lot easier this time because I got a direct flight from Paris to Seattle!! So 10 hours over the pole and I was home! Everything was so smooth, I got to the airport early and it was smooth sailing from there. I finally got back home around 6pm (with customs, baggage and a 2 hour drive home - yes I live in the country!) I managed to stay awake until 8 and then crashed. Its now almost 5am and I've been up for an hour, but hey this way I'll see the sunrise...

Its so nice to just relax, to leave so much crazyness behind in France and just not be in a hurry to do anything. :-) This is vacation baby!

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Samantha a dit…

You're so lucky, I'd love to be able to take a direct flight! My trip back always consists of three changes. :-(