jeudi, septembre 20, 2007


Yesterday Mom and I went off to Seattle to do some shopping and hang out. We thought about spending the night at a friend's house (its a 2 hour drive to Seattle) but in the end we finished everything we wanted to do so we just took the ferry back home.

I did lots of shopping *S* I finally found a pair of jeans that I like and aren't "stretch" cause those always stretch out too much. I got a great deal on a jean jacket at Levi's - on sale from $245 down to $50 with an additional 40% off!! Levi's can still be expensive in the States but at least the stuff on the sales rack is always a great deal! Got some long sleeved shirts for a huge mark down as well.

Then we went to Pike Place market to walk around and maybe souvenir shop, it was starting to close up but we got some flowers to take home and a few things were still open. Did you see the size of those "eclaires"??? Insane - and no I didn't try one!

Pike Place is famous for its fish. I love this sign they had up "Travel packs accepted world wide (even ... France!)" Just had to capture that!

After all of our shopping we went out to dinner at a funky Italian restaurant Buco di Beppo, this sign that is visible from the waiting area captures the atmosphere! They have HUGE portions - like 1/2 pound meatballs! So we just got 2 appetizers and split them. It was more than enough!

We were really lucky and only had to wait about 10 minutes for a ferry, the sun was setting behind the Olympic mountains. It was just beautiful. I managed to get a couple shots in focus (hard to do balancing on a guard rail!)

It was a long day but just so much fun and it was great to spend the day in Seattle without being in a hurry all the time!

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The Late Bloomer a dit…

Great photos, Karina! Sounds like you're having the best time... Man, I hope my mom will finally take me back to some outlet shops the next time I'm home (I know, I sound like a teenager again) like she's been promising to do for ages: I could use some good deals! That jean jacket sounds great.

And the flowers are beautiful!

Emily a dit…

I love Pike's Place. Such a great market. Seattle is a great city that has way too many Starbucks. :)

Sounds like a great trip home!