vendredi, septembre 07, 2007


This post is dedicated to: Apples!

A friend of mine, Matthieu, is from Brittany and his family makes homemade apple cider every year. This last weekend he brought back 4 bottles of the good stuff!

We had a crepe night with lots of cider and crepes full of chocolate, bananas, whipped cream, sugar, nutella! Yum!!

The cider was really good, apparently it depends what time of year you drink it as usually the cider is made in October. When you first open up a bottle in December its "apple juice" according to Mattieu. These bottles have been in storage for almost a year and had lost a lot of sweetness making them more "brut." Still very good though!

Mystery Guest went to work yesterday and he came back at the end of the day with a huge bag full of apples! He went to go install a guy's computer who lives in the middle of nowhere, Normandy and he left with a tip + apples from the tree! They're really tart and good for crumbles (I made one today!) and full of grass and worm holes but that's the good stuff eh? :-)

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Leah a dit…

Yummy, crepes+cidre=super delicious. Did you have galettes too? I'm right in Bretagne and I haven't even had crepes in a while, ca me donne envie!

Melissa a dit…

Ugh, I want a crêpe right now so badly. I swear crêpes are one of the top 5 reasons I'm going to France.

Valerie a dit…
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Valerie a dit…

Your friend should teach you how to make cider to go along with that crumble. Minus the worm holes of course! (Oh and please excuse my deleted comments. I hate typos!)