mardi, septembre 18, 2007

home - day 1

Organic blue tortilla chips with homemade salsa - heavy on the lime juice and cilantro! Yum!!

Well after a jetlagged morning of waking up at 3:30am I ran a few errands today... nothing exciting the bank, the grocery store etc.. I come home about once a year and every time it still shocks me the sheer size of food at home. I'm not talking about Costco (we went there today too - yum free samples!) but just Safeway! I wanted some juice but they were all sold in 1 gallon bottles instead of 1 liter. I'm the only one drinking juice here - would I drink a whole gallon by myself? The flour was sold in huge bags of 4.5kg instead of the 1kg back in France. It just amazes me! Not in a bad or good way, its all just different... Funny to think that each time I come home I know what the culture shock will be but it always remains a "shock."

The weather here isn't that great, cold rainy and grey with a few sunny (but brief) moments this afternoon. But hey, its the Pacific Northwest and its a good excuse to take a break at lunchtime and veg in front of the tv to get over jetlag ;-) Funny though I find myself not enjoying the gazillion channels, especially the news! So I stick to catching up on sitcoms that I like and talk shows (yes, I admit it I watched "Ellen" as well as "Oprah" and "Martha Stewart" hahaha).

No big plans around here which I love. It is a real vacation and even though my body clock is way off (its 8:15pm and I'm going to crash soon... only to wake up at 4am again) it is nice to just relax, I can breathe here.

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b)I'm jealous
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