mercredi, septembre 19, 2007


I have had one lucky day! This morning I woke up early again (5am, but hey better than 3:30!) and then decided to go downtown when the shops opened at 10am. It's a small town and always fun to go back to stores where you know people who work there or just to walk down memory lane... I walked down 1 side of the "main street" and when I got to the end I wandered into a store I had been in at Christmas. This store sells El Naturalista shoes which I adore. I had bought some back in January in Caen that I wear allllll the time. This summer I saw they had a new fall line of some beautiful brown boots - but alas I was not going to spend 200E on shoes, no matter how beautiful they are!

But when I peeked into this store I saw they had those beautiful boots sitting right there! I walked over to take a look and noticed they were in the 40% off section! I asked the lady if I could try them on and she said there was only 1 pair left - crossing my fingers I asked what size - it was MINE! I wear a 41 European (10 or 10.5 US) and that was it!! So holding my breath I tried them on, they fit like a glove.

It was love at first sight and meant to be :-)

I bought them and between the 40% off and the exchange rate I bet I saved about 100E!! Yeah baby!

I rushed home to share the find with my mom and when I got home my NEW computer was sitting there waiting for me!! This was a saga that I never wrote about on my blog, but I ordered this amazing new computer to have it arrive when I got home only to have some ordering problems. The order was changed and lots of time was spent with Dell customer service but in the end they said that it would arrive Sep 27th. I'm flying down to CA the 28th... tight much?? Yup! So I was overjoyed to see that it had arrived so early! I'm now on it and playing around with things - it is just too great!!

So I had one very very good day :-)

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The Late Bloomer a dit…

Wow, that DOES sound like a lucky day! And I understand the bliss about finding a great pair of shoes, especially boots that you know you'll wear ALL THE TIME throughout the fall and winter -- totally worth it, and especially when they're good quality like that, and comfortable to boot!! (hee hee...)

And I wear a 41 too! More like a 10 in my case, I think, but a real 41 -- except in some shops where the 41 here can be a bit too big. Isn't it pure hell to find shoes in our size here in France? Then again, at least it keeps me from spending too much money (that I don't have!) on shoes...

Samantha a dit…

Dude, why don't lucky days like that ever happen here in France??