vendredi, septembre 22, 2006


After another unsucessful trip out to get my new paperwork in order (the woman was out of the office today... again!) I came home to veg. I was sleepy and it was rainy out so I decided today is a perfect day to stay home and take advantage of my wonderful home entertainment unit :-)

I havn't been writing much as there hasn't been anything too exciting going on. I've been having a lot of meetings for my new job. I'm really excited about the whole year, especially now that I have my entire schedule! Here it is:

3 hours (two 1 1/2 hour groups) of 3rd year Medical students
5 hours (five 1 hour groups) of 1st year Economy students
2 hours (two 1 hour groups) of 1st year English students

There are some other things that could pop up here and there but otherwise that is basically it for the next 9 months. I'm nervous and excited about starting. I really really appreciate the last 3 years of teaching experience that I've had, that gives me the courage to stand up in front of a classroom and try not to sound like an idiot. But at the same time this will be an entirely new experience as I've never had as much responsability, and I feel that pressure. It is both a good and scary pressure. I have a feeling that the responsability will motivate me and help me look forward to work every day with the same curiousity and buzz that I have right now.

If anyone has any lesson plan suggestions I'm open to it! Never having studied econ or medicine myself I'll need to do a bit of work to learn the vocab! When I opened the English textbook for the medicine students I learned a whole bunch of new vocab, both in English and in French (yes, I do feel smarter now that I know how to stay "stool sample" in French...!)

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Samantha a dit…

ooo, i would LOVE to teach english to med students!!

Jen a dit…

I can help with the econ stuff if you ever need it. That was part of my major...LOL. Just think if you are a lectrice next year and I am a student and I have to take one of your classes that would be awesome...and of course I would show you the utmost respect...HAHAHAHA

Kristin a dit…

One of my former students is studying English at Caen, so you made find yourself with a first year named Madison from Carentan. Good luck with your teaching, I'd love to come join your classes! :)