mercredi, avril 12, 2006


Mystery Guest and I met up this morning to go to a General Assembly of the university to vote against the blocking of the buildings. Enough is enough! I'd like to go back to class!!!!

This picture is of the Phenix (which a sculpture on the main campus and kind of represents the university) with a pirate flag flying in the background.

There were HUGE crowds as you can see, the main auditorium was packed to the brim! I would say over 1,000 + students turned up.

There was a little debate going on before we could vote and it was interesting to hear all the different opinions not only for or against the blocking of the buildings but also for or against the remaining law. (The protests have only removed one clause - the CPE - not the entire law)

All in all it was interesting and I'm glad I went and since we won by a huge majority it looks as though things will start to open up fairly quickly and I should be back in my classes on Tuesday!

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Mr. Mystery Guest a dit…

Democracy is back at the Uni, but there's still a long way for it to be back in France again (about 13 months.. don't forget to vote next year !)
Anyway !! Yeepee school is gonna start again (never thought I would say that..)

Karina a dit…

umm... I'm not French yet! I can't vote!!! You'll have to do that. I'll be sure to vote stateside though, thats a big one coming up...

Yeah I never thought I'd say I was so excited to go back to school... but you know that a couple days into it I'll be complaining...

The grass is always greener on the otherside eh?

Kristin a dit…

Glad you get to go back to school! Or at least that the craziness is over (err..resting?) for awhile.

No worries about the walk-I enjoyed myself! Just wasn't up for doing it again on the way back. :)