mercredi, mars 30, 2011


This year my goal is to start up a veggie patch. We have to build a fence around it (got a bunny problem around here...) and I'd like to build some raised beds in April.

It's my first adventure in gardening and any help would be greatly appreciated! I was thinking of starting some seeds the beginning of April while we're getting things built (and waiting for the risk of frost to pass). But I would like some suggestions of what seeds to plant (in Normandy) and when. Oh, and I was thinking of ordering some seeds online instead of buying them - usually online is cheaper? Any site suggestions?

Any ideas? I know there are some great gardeners out there... ;-)

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L a dit…

I'm currently starting a balcony veggie patch (my husband keeps saying "you bought another flower pot?!"), and for basic info on when to plant and general conditions there's always info on the back of the seed packet.

I wanted to grow some heirloom veggies, but couldn't find many at the local gardening stores. I actually ended up buying them in England when I was there the beginning of March. There are sites that sell seeds online, but I haven't tried any.

Take a stop by your local library to see if they have a book on kitchen gardens. The ones I browsed at the Toulouse library had charts explaining plants good to grow together, and those not to grow together (based on nutrients needed, helping fend off bugs etc).

Other than that, I would say don't stress too much for your first garden. Not that I have tons of experience, but I've never tested the pH of my soil, nor added peat moss or anything like that. I just buy "terreau universel", sprinkle seeds, water, and wait.

Anonyme a dit…

I so with you! I havent even got my mitts on the house keys but i'm already planning! my dad is THE gardener so he's been giving (too many) tips. I can't wait to have my owns tomatoes, leeks, onions, herbs, and i'm looking forward to growing chilli plants properly! so excited!!

MilkJam a dit…

Thanks guys! (er... gals!) Great idea about the library, I'll check mine out!

Emmy - any tips your dad tells you pass them along!!!

Katia a dit…

OOOOoooooooooh I'm so excited for you!

You can absolutely start off your seeds NOW (we started ours 3 weeks ago), by planting them in starter plugs (you just put them straight in the ground when they're ready & the pot breaks down), then putting them in little greenhouses (we picked up 3 small plastic ones from Truffaut for 16 euros). I'll send you a picture. Depending on the weather, you can keep the serres inside but in a place where they'll get light, or keep them outside (unless it's dropping to less than around 7°C overnight, in which case you'll probably want to keep them inside).

For most things, you can definitely start off with seeds but some things are just easier to grow with starter plants. You could also have a mix of seeds & starter plants in order to have staggered crops?

I find the seed selection in garden shops here to be really limited, and I get most of my stuff from an Australian company called Diggers : They have every type of vegie you could possibly want or need. There are probably companies in the UK or the US that offer the same quality & service.

For organic herb seeds, you cannot get better than Jekka's Herb Farm in the UK : They ship to France. She works with the Royal Horticultural Society in the UK and she's pretty much the world expert in terms of herbs & seeds. And organic! Yay!

I'm also thinking of placing an order with this co :
They've got some unique stuff I can't find in a traditional garden shop here.

Obviously I'm a bit of a herb fan & it's the best/easiest thing for us to grow on our terrace. But you have a real potager so you can experiment more! YAY! So excited! and as L said, don't stress too much for your first try. Experimenting is the funnest part of gardening :)

I also have about a million books on the subject so if you're ever in Paris... :)

Megan a dit…

I think you need more than a fence to keep them out, more like barbed wire and napalm, but good luck!

Tory a dit…

Ha this will be me next year (although all going to plan in Brittany rather than Normandy). Am already so excited about having a potager so am loving reading about other peoples plans!