dimanche, mars 13, 2011

House update

It's been a long time since I've done a house update... we finally have move around and reorganized a lot of the boxes that were lying around... we - I should say MG - he was a busy bee while I was in the US! It sure cleared up a lot of space and then today we were expecting company after lunch so that got us motivated to clean up and put the mess away.

I thought I'd take advantage of a nice clean house to take some pictures. There are obviously lots of things left to do, bits of drywall here and there, a kitchen to buy and install, decoration etc... But at least it gives you an idea of where we are today.

Living room (kitchen/front door is on your right).
Other side of living room (kitchen/front door on your left - stairs behind you)
downstairs bathroom (unfinished walk in shower behind you).
Kitchen (front door just to the left)
Looking up from the living room to the upstairs hall (and newly installed banister)
From upstairs looking back down
Upstairs hall
Guest room
Our bedroom.
There you have it! A little tour t'cheu nous.

5 commentaires:

Megan a dit…

looks nice. Wish we had a house!

Anonyme a dit…

It looks lovely! and so bright.

~meredith~ a dit…

I love your house, it seems so open and spacious. Ours is older, about 30 years, and the hallways and living areas are narrow and smallish. I wish I had a window over the kitchen sink like you do!

MilkJam a dit…

Thanks for all your comments!!! If you have any suggestions for decorations (paint colors etc) I'm all ears!
It was great being able to design the house ourselves - we have almost all the windows south facing and I love all the light!! It's not a big house, there are 3 bedrooms upstairs (2 small ones and then the master bedroom) and because they are under the eves there isn't much headspace but soon to be lots of storage that we will put in. To give you an idea it is 132 m2 (the maximum you can design yourself without having to call an architect)
The other fantastic thing is the underfloor heating - no radiators or vents anywhere :)

kylie a dit…

windows! windows! they're lovely. :) I can't wait to see what the finished product will look like once you've got all the painting and decorating done!