lundi, mars 21, 2011

the joys of unemployement..

I finished my contract the end of February. On March 1st I filled out my online declaration to the unemployment people. They sent me a convocation for a RDV today. FYI the people that work there have reputation of being incompetent and most importantly - unable to find you a job.

The first lady was the one who was in charge of me getting paid (woot!) my unemployment benefits each month. Very professional, friendly and quite on top of things. I thought to myself well maybe with the new merger a few years ago things have changed around here...

Ohhhhh did I think too soon. Too soon my friends.

The next lady (in charge of helping me find a job) takes the cake, fulfilling each and every stereotype. She was nice enough but instead of getting me motivated about finding a job she had the opposite effect.

"So you were an English teacher before."


"Ok, let's put that down." - pecking at the keyboard like a chicken... Do they not pay for their workers to get typing lessons??? "So, let's see... You were an English teacher, and well, American teacher, is that right?"

No, I am an English teacher. "American" doesn't exist. (Sore spot with me but trying not to jump out and grab her throat)

"But it's not the same language."

Yes it is.

"No, there are differences in vocabulary"

"Well there are differences in vocab in Belgium but you wouldn't say they speak Belge...?"

No, it's more like Quebecois.


Thoughts going through my head: Look lady are you really going to lecture me on how I do MY job??? Seriously??? Let me tell you I could do yours ten times over. Nevermind, if you're going to be that pedantic about it whatever put it down if you want.

Smiled sweetly, comme vous voulez.

"Oh no, it's not what I want..."

Sigh... moving on...

Have you applied here? Yes. And here? Yes. And here? Yes. Look lady I know how to get a job but there is no job market here and you won't let me apply for jobs that do not fit into my "box."

Good thing I know how to get a job, but now we know why there is high unemployment in France - not because of socialism, job security or whatever but because when they need someone to help - someone whose job it is to help - utter incompetance.

Rant over. Keith do I win rant of the week?

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Anonyme a dit…

i went from 'gasp' to 'nooooooo' to serious pity then finally a huge slap on the shoulder of understanding. I somehow slipped through their net from the obligatory monthly rdv's and I was bien glad I did as I went through much the same. bisous On a better note, nice to see you posting (unlike me, yes I know, I'm bad)

Keith Eckstein -A Taste of Garlic a dit…

Yes - I think so - Pole Emploi recently sent to for a factory job (obviously, I've never worked in a factory in my life) whilst at the same time telling me that I wouldn't have a chance of getting the job (for medical reasons) but telling me that I still had to go to the meeting. Of course, I didn't get the job but did managed to waste a load of fuel and a load of time not getting the job!

Right, my rant is over!

All the best


P.S. You slipped that in just in the nick of time! Otherwise it would have been Michelle (at who would have won! Anyway - now she can rant about being beaten to the post, can't she?

~meredith~ a dit…

I actually found a job (by myself), signed a special contract that included a formation...and the Pôle Emploi refused it because I didn't qualify (but did last October) for the meager aide they were going to have to give my future employer. Apparently Pôle Emploi prefers paying my full unemployment check rather than the measly few euros a month that my contract would have obliged them to do. So, do you think I'm motivated to find another job? Not.

MilkJam a dit…

Emmy - It was all one big gasp of "oh MY god"...

Keith - thanks! :)

Meredith - how does that not surprise me... gah.

Oh, one of the jobs she suggested for me I turned down... only because this was the main description:


uh... sorry - I don't speak Arabic. "Oh, that's ok, I mean if you have most of the requirements and they don't find anyone else maybe they'll take you."


Anonyme a dit…

thanks keith for the rant post shout out! You know I love a bit of french rant!

Ksam a dit…

At least the good thing about the Pole Emploi site is that you can (or at least you used to be able to) search their database for jobs that aren't in your field (*GASP*!!) and then just apply for them directly.

Amber a dit…

Pole Emploi once told me that because i'd already worked in a training center (for one month) that it was too late for me to try to do anything else. she tried to tell me I didn't have the skills necessary to do other jobs or the diploma level.. trying to explain to them that you should be qualified because you've got a BETTER diploma than what they are asking for is equally pointless. I don't know where they get these people.

MilkJam a dit…

Sam - if the contact details are listed you can do that, I've done it before. But more and more the contact details are someone at the Pole Emploi, if you try to apply out of your field you get a nasty email back :(

I_am_Tulsa a dit…

LOL...ehem, sorry. I had my one drama at the unemployment office a few years ago. After I showed them my resume it was like "your too qualified to find a job here". I had no idea what that meant. I DID end up finding a job...on my own.
hang in there!