dimanche, mars 27, 2011

hard... water - HELP!

Requesting some blogging help... !

We have really really hard water. It's weird because according to numerous maps we shouldn't. Our friends who live 5km down the road have normal water. But ours? Hard, so hard. Can't get the shower doors clean, have to clean the hot water kettle once a week at least and now we have switched to using bottled water in our coffee machines so we don't ruin them.

I know we can get a water softener but I really don't like the effect it has on soaps and just the feeling of the water itself.

I've heard good things about different magnets but my question to you is - do you have hard water and how do you deal with it???

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Marie a dit…

You can set the water softener to different hardness levels so it's just a little bit hard - your skin won't feel so soapy after you rinse. This is for softeners in the USA, I don't really know what they have in France but I know this is how my Whirlpool softener works for me. Also, there is some stuff called Krud Kutter that I get from Home Depot in the paint department - it's a cleaner - it usually gets the hard water off easily. Again, I don't know where you'd get it in France. Sorry, probably not much help here:( Good luck.

MilkJam a dit…

thanks for the comment! always nice to get comments although I really don't want to go with the water softener - they are so bad for the environment etc.
I was hoping someone had tried the magnets that are for sale - oh well!
thanks again!!