dimanche, mars 06, 2011


Bircher Müsli

One of the remnants of my parent's four years living in Switzerland that they brought back with them to the States was Bircher Müsli. My mom always made it slightly different then the recipes you find online (no cream, remember this was the 80's and it was non-fat all the way - no Atkins around!) and the way I still make it today.

All you need is: yogurt (I prefer plain), your favorite muesli (I get a basic no added sugar mix of oats/dried fruit mix from the organic store) and apple. The one part of the recipe that really changes everything is apple. Not just a chopped up apple but a grated apple. Grab your cheese grater and grate up your apple, it takes no time at all! Mix it all together and enjoy! The apple not only adds a fantastic texture but also really sweetens the dish when grated in a way that a chopped apple just can't.

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Kitty a dit…

Oh yum, yum YUMMY! That's sounds absolutely divine! I love my morning Müsli, but with the grated apple, I can just taste what that must be like. Wow, I have a serious craving for that RIGHT NOW!
Only another 6 months or so on this regime and I'll be grabbing that bowl of Bircher Müsli every morning! Thank you!
Kind regards, Kitty