samedi, mars 26, 2011


A couple of months ago I decided to sell my old bike, it was the very basic model from Decathlon which I bought about 5 years ago and the poor thing had no home for the last year and ended up getting pretty rusty under a tarp outside. A co-worker bought it for 40E and had her husband fix it up for her. It would have cost me more in new tires, new brakes, new chain etc ... and then do all the work!

So today Mystery Guest and I went and got new bikes. We both splurged for the next model up and are very happy with the purchase of the day!
I knew I wanted to buy new bikes this spring and so about a month ago I was trolling leboncoin and found a bike rack that holds 2 bikes and hooks onto the trailer hitch. It's super easy to take on and off (easier than those old ones I remember with all the straps that needed adjusting each time etc...) and I only paid 20euros for it! Woot!
Today we drove to about 3km to the parking lot of one of the entrances of la voie verte - it is the bike/walking/jogging path that runs up the peninsula. There used to be railroad tracks running all over and when they were decommissioned the path was left as is and made available! I think it's a fantastic idea and to give you an idea here are the two main paths (in green). My plan this summer is to take the bikes on the ferry that runs to Sark and bike around for the day - the nearest port town is only 15km away!
We biked up to the next town, about 5km and then turned around and came home. It was great! You see so much of the countryside that you wouldn't normally see... all the fresh air and mosquitoes (added protein bonus!) - it was great! :)

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