mardi, mars 17, 2009

USA baby!

Well I can finally announce some good news that's been brewing! We've got tickets to the US in May! These tickets had been going back and forth, let me explain. My mom gave us 2 tickets to the US with her miles last spring and had booked them for September as a graduation gift to both of us (my Masters and Mystery Guest's BA). September didn't work out well so we booked them for August. Then Mystery Guest got offered his current job and although the store closes in August every year it was the wrong two weeks... So we moved them to this August thinking it would be the right 2 weeks. Then a couple weeks ago I was on the phone with Mom and she said that with my upcoming unemployment in May and not locked into a job (yeah, not too thrilled about not having a job yet...) it's too bad we couldn't take advantage of coming in May.

I asked Mystery Guest and he was able to talk his boss into letting us go for 2 weeks in May (not actually missing that much work since there are 2 holidays in there!) but we thought we'd never be able to use the miles because its so hard to get dates. I started looking into prices and the tickets are dirt cheap right now (470e round trip Paris/Seattle!) but for fun Mom called the hotline and got us 2 tickets on the dates we wanted!!! Oh and the best part? Non-stop Paris/Seattle on the way there and 1 stop in Amsterdam on the way back! Oh yeah baby, living it up in style!

So we're off to the US May 1st - May 17th and just need to figure out where were going once we get there! I can't wait!! We're thinking flying down to Southern California to see my grandparents and road tripping it up the coast back to Seattle - oh yeah!

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Anonyme a dit…

Let me be the first to congratulate you on the upcoming trip!
It's been 8 years since I've been back to the US, and I'd dearly love to go with you.

Vivi a dit…

Yay! We're flying non-stop for the first time ever this summer, too! Thank goodness, with the baby it's going to be enough of a challenge!

Katie a dit…

ohh awesome! I'm going home sometime this summer as well. i'm looking into plane tickets now.

Jennie a dit…

Yay! Exciting! I'm so jealous. I don't go back to the US until the end of July for my sister's wedding. I hope I can find a cheap ticket like that. The cheapest I can find is like $850.