jeudi, mars 19, 2009

I just want one!

Dear France,

Why is it that you can never remember to pronounce the third person "s" or plural "s" yet you correct me when I order un cookie. "Oui, un cookies, il vous faillait autre chose?"

It is not un cookiezz
nor un browniezz
nor un donutzz.

Thank you,

7 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

The French drive me nuts adding "s" to every word that doesn't have one and can't for the life of them put an "s" on words that need them.

Ksam a dit…

Ugh, that's happened to me before too!

Strangely enough though, "Internets" and "Childrens" don't really bother me.... lol

Vivi a dit…

God, just one time i'd like to say, "mais si vous voulez utiliser un mot d'anglais il faut l'utiliser correctement!" jeepers creepers!

Canedolia a dit…

It's a bit like when you want a drink and you can't ask for a "Sprite" or even a "Spreet" but have to ask for a "Spraaiiit".

But really, you should just ask for "un vin rouge, s'il vous plait".

Leah a dit…

Ugh, for reals, super annoying and WRONG! I also get bothered by incorrectly used apostrophes. For ex, we have a toy store called toy's land. Umm, dude, I know what you meant to say and it is not that there is someone named toy who has a land of his very own! Grr.

corine a dit…

Why? oh why do they do this? So annoying! Not cute at all.

Meanwhile here in L.A. I'm yet to meet an american not butchering words such as cul de sac, mont blanc, or notre dame.

Milk Jam a dit…

@leah that's what i knew i was missing!!! i had made a mental note to include the stupid apostrophes and totally spaced it. i think i've even seen "un cookie's" - crazy!

@canedolia & corine it's not so much the pronunciation (as awkward as it is to order a hamburger in french!) its the oh so HORRIBLE grammar that get put in all the wrong places. i agree, we butcher French words in English and they butcher English words in French - that's all good and normal but its so ironic that those 's and "s" just seem to pop up in all the wrong places!