samedi, mars 07, 2009

Spring is springing

Yesterday I had to go to Caen but I was able to take advantage of a sunny spring day & enjoy a delish hot cocoa with Natalie and her Irish coffee as excellent company! But as March is just a big tease the grey skies are back again today.. Time to be productive I guess!
In other alcoholic news Mystery Guest came back from work at lunch with a gift from a customer - a 1971 bottle of homemade Calvados...

Should we drink it? Or sterilize an open wound?

2 commentaires:

Leesa a dit…

That Irish coffee looks like a work of art!!!! Yumm!!!

Leah a dit…

Re: the calva

All I know is that it probably wouldn't hurt to have that around in case you ever scrape your knee!

Let us know how that one goes!