vendredi, mars 27, 2009

a small step

I really need to get my license, but what a pain in the butt. I had some free time at work the other day so I brought the study DVD and went into the teacher's computer lab to practice. Naturally even though the sound was off I gathered a crowd of teachers who were going to "help" me. Haha, 4 of us and we still missed at least 10 out of 40 questions (a failing grade)! I swear that test is pure evil...

After the saga at the beginning of the month I braved the phone and called the DDE to see where my dossier was at.. he took my name and number and said he'd get right back to me. Riiiight I thought. Well 3 minutes later he called! I have a convocation for May 11 in V-town. Too bad we'll be in the States then! I tempted fate by asking if they have a date in April or the end of May. Nope, that's it for V-town! But he said he could arrage a convocation for me after May 18th either in Cherbourg or Carentan (both easy to get to by train). Score! So now I'm just waiting for the official date, 1 more step in the French license saga.. :-)

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Anonyme a dit…

I passed the French driving test for 2 reasons:
1) A bunch of us from work all got together and took a class in English;
2) During the slide test for the code, the teacher would explain to us the slide in English, then she'd slip in hints to help us get the right answer. The controllers didn't understand what she was saying so we all passed!

Also, because we had had US or UK drivers licenses before, we didn't have to retake the driving test part!

Good luck to you and watch out for the traps!

Milk Jam a dit…

How did you get a translator?

When did you take the driving test? They told me that with my US license I still have to take the driving part - is that a big lie?

Anyway I thought with EU licenses they were automatically switched over, why did your UK friends have to do it again?

Kristin C. a dit…

Bon courage Karina, I give you a lot of credit for doing all this because if it were me I'm pretty sure I'd still be content to just ride the train. :) The idea of a manual + unknown French roads scares me.

Mrs C a dit…

I had to take the driving part over again with a Canadian license.