jeudi, mars 12, 2009


Today was Mystery Guest & my PACS-a-versairy! Yea! Neither of us really is planning on celebrating this, I'd rather celebrate when we started dating (in December) since this was more a paperwork formality than anything else..

But any excuse to try a new recipe! Chocolate & Sweet Potato Cake - I thought it could be an amazing combination of 2 things we both love, chocolate cake and sweet potato pie! So after work I came home to quickly make it (had cooked the sweet potatoes earlier that morning) and stick it in the oven so it would be done when MG got home from karate class later. It turned out really well! I used gluten free flours which can be dry and compact but with the sweet potato the texture was amazing! It was a dense chocolate cake but not too heavy or rich and the sweet potato flavor wasn't really there although it really contributed to a silky texture.

I was chomping away at my piece when MG noticed a little something in his... it looked like a piece of egg that didn't get fully mixed, or sweet potato perhaps... but alas, it was indeed a maggot! EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

My first maggot, how on earth it got in there we're still not quite sure (perhaps a sweet potato? I find it hard to believe it would have been in any of the other ingredients, maybe the rice flour?) but it totally put me off finishing my piece. Maybe I'll try another piece later but I'll probably spend so much time picking through it that I won't enjoy it... EW!!!!!

Mystery Guest seems to think that there was only one in there, otherwise I would have noticed - which is probably true.

Anyway I highly suggest you try the recipe, just leave the maggots out.

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Katia a dit…

OH. My. Gosh. i think i just vomited a little in my mouth. I wouldn't be able to LOOK at the thing, let alone try any more. EW!

Ksam a dit…

Happy Pacsiversary!

Quick question - did you get your rice flour from a bio store? Cuz I used to buy all my flour, rice,etc from one in Bretagne and after finding little creepy crawlies a couple of different times, I started sifting it before using it!!

Milk Jam a dit…

It's funny, I've bought lots of food from the farmer's market and ended up with slugs and other goodies (which survived several days in the fridge mind you! crazy!) and it never bothered me. Never had weevils in my flour and yes it is organic, the sweet potatoes too.
And honestly had I found them before making the cake it wouldn't have bothered me NEARLY as much as find it COOKED in the cake... EWWWWW!!!!

Dedene a dit…

Happy Pacs-versary too! Yuk, what a nasty surprise.

Where are you from in the Pacific NW? I grew up in Salem, Oregon and lived a bit all over before escaping to Europe.

Milk Jam a dit…

@dedene thanks! :-) I'm from the Olympic Penninsula but I went to college in Salem! small world :-)

Jess a dit…

Wait. Is this a common problem in food in France?

I'm Jess, BTW...didn't mean to barge in :)

Milk Jam a dit…

@Jess - no not a common problem lol ;-) if it were common I wouldn't have gotten freaked out, just chomped through the little sucker haha

Jess a dit…

Yikes. I don't think I've ever found a bug, slug, or anything non food related in my food ever. I must be a sissy because I think finding a maggot in my food would traumatize me. *shudder*

sue a dit…
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