dimanche, mars 22, 2009

Sunday walk

I went out on a little afternoon walk, exploring V-town. Things here are still relatively new to me, last summer when we moved here I was stuck inside finishing my mémoire and since then the weather hasn't been the most cooperative! Plus I loooove playing with my camera! Feel like I'm finally getting the hang of this SLR stuff! :-)

I took a walk trying to find some castle ruins that Mystery Guest had showed me a while back, didn't find them but stumbled on the ruins of a Roman bath (bottom left corner)! I had no idea that V-town had ruins of Roman baths! I also got some close up shots of the little buttercup type flowers that dot the roadsides right now, can anyone verify if they are indeed buttercups?

At the market on Friday I bought a bouquet of daffodils for a euro, I had no idea that daffodils have a scent but our whole dining room is perfumed with this wonderfully light springy smell, one of those things that you notice but can't really put your finger on it.

Hope everyone is having a sunny Sunday! I heard the weather might change midweek (not that I'm complaining, I don't remember the last time we had 3 straight weeks of sun in March!!!) so I'm soaking it all up!

6 commentaires:

Canedolia a dit…

That picture of the daffodils on the top left is beautiful!

Anonyme a dit…

Lovely pictures. That's quite a bath, too.

Great to have some sun to get us moving.

Kim a dit…

WOW looks so beautiful, definitely spring weather.

For me, I've always thought of buttercups like these:


When we grew up we used to put them under our chin and if it glowed yellow you liked butter.... they always made our chin glow yellow!

Anonyme a dit…

The other flowers are primrose (not buttercup).
They are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring and they come back year after year. We have some in our yard...Can't wait to see you in May!


Crystal a dit…

nice pics! how did you make the mosaic like that though? I'm curious...

biz from Paris

Milk Jam a dit…

thanks you guys! :-)
especially for the faux-buttercup mystery hehe

@crystal Picasa baby! free from google and you can do the coolest things with it, plus its way easy to use (not like Photoshop...)