mardi, mars 24, 2009

baby blanket

A good friend is expecting #2 the end of April and so last month I decided to make a little something for the new one. They don't want to know if its a boy or a girl so I thought I was getting some gender neutral color but now I think its a bit too blue so I'm hoping for a boy! I guess I could always stitch a little pink flower or something if I need to :-)

Anyway this blanket is probably the biggest (size wise) project that I've finished, its about 1 meter square. I wasn't a big fan of synthetic yarn but I thought for a baby blanket it could be really good to have something you can throw in the wash and not have to think about it. Anyway I thought it came out pretty good. I have some left over yarn that I think I'll try making some baby booties out of for another friend who is indeed expecting a little boy (also the end of April! - what happened 9 months ago?) and then I might finally start on some socks for me.. maybe :-)

Oh and I've been meaning to post a little review:

Twilight - fun, got to see "home" and not just a teeny bopper movie, worth watching & good story (I've never read the book).

The Watchmen - big thumbs down, got bored, cheezed out and didn't follow the story well. I think you would have to be a die-hard fan to enjoy it (never heard of it until seeing the movie...)

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