mercredi, septembre 24, 2008


I finally decided last weekend to turn down the job, it just wasn't well paid enough for me to survive with the hopes of eventually getting a CDI... It was such a relief to finally make a decision. I sent off an email explaining and said that if they needed me to teach the 2 classes I was scheduled for this week I could while they're looking for someone else.

I also signed up (for the first time) with the ANPE (unemployment agency) to help me look for a job. It was all done online and yesterday I received my convocation for an appointment next Monday. The money would be nice but its also a great job resource and although I have a few leads they're mostly just odd hours here and there - nothing more full time. It would also be nice to get a job closer to home. I sent off a letter to the Rectorat as well just in case they need an assistant at the last minute.

I figure the month of October I'm gonna bust my butt to 1. finish my memoire (getting there! had 2 great meetings with my profs yesterday, I'm on the right track but lots of work left!!) and 2. passing my French driver's license, which will open up tons of doors on the job front.

All this to say that yesterday I took the train early in the morning to go teach, as long as I get to bed at a decent hour the train ride is so nice! Its dark now when I leave the house but as I was on the train there was the most beautiful sunrise... I wish I had had my camera! As we went towards Caen we passed through some semi-marshland and if you can picture it there was the minty green of the fields covered in a low fog, the cows were already out grazing and there was the pastely pinks and purples of the sunrise in the background. It was so quiet and I was glued to the window looking outside. The commute really wouldn't be a problem I think, it is such a relaxing way to start the day, the train is quiet with commuters reading newspapers, catching up on homework or sleeping. I sit there with my ipod (often listening to K&K!) and just zone out, my own little me time :-)

I also happened to catch the sunset on the way home (god the days are getting short!) it was spectacular as well! Hot and orange really lighting up the clouds with a neon light. wow.

I'm feeling good about the decision, I have 1 more class to teach tomorrow and after that its time to buckle down and get this Masters wrapped up!!!

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