mercredi, septembre 24, 2008

good news!

Wow it really is true - when one door closes (or you close it I guess!) another opens!

Just as I turn down the job I had I sent off a letter to the Rectorat asking if they might need anyone, they called me today saying they have a job for me in a high school 15 minutes (by train) away!!

The only thing is that it will start later than I had expected so I gotta bust a move on my memoire but otherwise it is 100% good news! It makes all my other little odd jobs fall into place which is just perfect. Plus its an easy commute!

Who would have thought? wow..

5 commentaires:

Leah a dit…

Lucky duck! Congrats to you!!

Ksam a dit…

oh wow - see, everything does happen for a reason!!

kylie a dit…


Milk Jam a dit…

thanks ladies!! now that i have my "travail principal" i just keep getting calls from people (randomly, not people who know about my job situation) offering me hours all over the place. I guess networking really is the key eh?

now, on to the memoire! gah!

welovetea a dit…

SWEET!!!!! I am SO glad and that sounds like it's going to be just right for you!!!!