vendredi, septembre 19, 2008


Yesterday I went to Caen to work and then stayed the night to catch up with friends and to avoid paying for another round trip ticket before my meeting Friday morning.

After the meeting Sarah and I walked back to her place through the remains of the Friday market there, to our dismay most of the stands were closing up shop for the day but as we neared her house I saw something I have never seen in France (save growing in fields)


yes, ladies and gents CORN ON THE COB - TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only other one I have seen was pre-cooked and vacuum packed in Monoprix (although I have heard rumors of decent corn to be found in Picard... never tried that though).

Not looking at the price I snatched up three, a huge smile on my face as I told the vendor that this was the first time I had ever seen them (I think she thought I was a little crazy for jumping for joy upon seeing corn...)

I brought them home and took a picture for you to see, I love how they look in the bowl next to my basil plant, cherry tomatoes, market pumpkin (waiting to be soup...) and free market parsley from last week)
Then I shucked those bad boys, look how pretty they are! I chose pretty well, trying to see the tips through the husks and silk. I got 2 beautiful ones, big plump kernels and on so-so one.
The water is on the stove boiling away and I'm about to go chuck them in!

I'll give the taste report in a bit - and Mystery Guest's reaction to corn on the cob - he's never tried it!

Ok, so verdict is that it was very tasty but the corn itself was kind of...gummy which is weird. Maybe it sat a bit too long after being cooked waiting for Mystery Guest to get back from work? Who knows, yummy nonetheless!!!

Oh, and I added a new post to my cooking blog: gluten free apple pie! And with my spaghetti sauce recipe I made gluten free lasagne! (the noodles were gluten free, the rest naturally is...) I'll try to post that recipe soon :-) No pictures though... Mystery Guest and I scarfed it down!

5 commentaires:

Andromeda a dit…

!!!! I would not have believed you if there weren't pictures! Hopefully the idea will spread quickly once everyone realizes the deliciousness they've been missing!

Jennie a dit…

You can't get corn on the cob in the north??? That sucks!

I see it here all the time. I've never seen anyone actually buy it, but it's always at my local Auchan.

Milk Jam a dit…

ohhh it was pretty good!!! sadly a bit gummy but tasty nonetheless, Mystery Guest liked it too :-)

Jennie, I can't BELIEVE you get it in Auchan down there!!!!!!!! seriously it drives me nuts, all summer long I'm surrounded by corn fields out here (its beautiful by the way) but no corn in any store!! in 5 years its the first time I've seen it in the market! its like the gods are trying to punish me...

Megan a dit…

Pre-cooked corn? How strange. Like it is that hard to cook?

au soleil levant a dit…

I am also amazed at the corn on the cob! In my family we usually microwave corn on the cob to cook it, I didn't realize you could just dump the cobs into boiling water.