dimanche, septembre 28, 2008

camera fun!

I bought myself a little treat this summer, a new Digital SLR - the Canon 30D. My dad brought it over a few weeks ago but I didn't buy a lens with it nor had any time to play with my toy! A friend of Mystery Guest's has a Canon as well and bought a super-duper lens to use with it so he's lending me the basic one that came with his.

Today we went on a late afternoon drive to catch the last few rays of sunshine... and try a little geocaching. Sadly we didn't find our caches but we found some amazing areas of the region lost in the middle of nowhere!

I've never had an SLR before so I know diddly squat about ISO etc (need to read the manual) but the great thing about digital is that you don't pay to develop film, so these pictures are just to play around with :-)

(since I don't know diddly squat some turned out a bit flat as far as color and shadows go so I did a liiiiitle bit of touch ups with Picasa ... I admit it.)

This is an 12th century fortification that has remains that date back to William the Conqueror.

Acorns in the forest, I was practicing my close up...

Inside the church, my old point and shoot would never be able to do a dark indoor shot like this without a flash (or being blurry..)

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